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Special Offer for Old Markhamian peers

Reduction fee´s

At Bricks, we understand the significance of the milestones we achieve as we progress through life. Selling your property is a significant chapter, and we want to make this process both seamless and rewarding for you.

By choosing our real estate services, you not only benefit from a decade of industry expertise but also a special  reduction on our services when you sell your property. We believe in supporting our college community and fostering lasting relationships based on shared values

handshake between OMA Peers
handshake between OMA Peers
How to avail the offer

1. Contact our dedicated team at Bricks through our form below or whatsapp icon and provide contact details.

2. Mention your affiliation with Markham College.

3. Enjoy a % reduction on our real estate services upon the successful sale of your property. As simple as that.

As we have grown professionally, our commitment to the core values instilled in us at Markham remains unwavering. This exclusive offer is a testament to the strong bonds that tie us together, and we look forward to supporting you in this important chapter of your life.

Scouting to buy?

Buy with us. If you are an OMA get a reduction on our finders fee, as simple as that. We shall look after you to ease the process and have a token of gratitude for your preference.

Ask our team, for the details through the form below or our whatsapp icon.

Like to Mingle ?

 If you're an outgoing person, become a "Bricks Mingler" and recommend us to your friends and family. If you're a natural at parties, enjoy chatting with friends, and meeting new people, bring them on board if they're buying or selling a property. Introduce them to us and score a 10% bonus when the deal is sealed. Join the Bricks growth squad. It's as simple as that!

Ask our team for the details through the form below or quickly hit us up using the WhatsApp icon.

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